The 15 Least-visited National Parks Have All the Beauty, and None of the Crowds

least-visited national parks

If you're looking for adventure and scenery without the crowds, here are the parks to travel to next.

A Behind-the-scenes Look at How Flight Attendants Are Trained for the Job

flight attendant training for job

From water landings to makeup tutorials, here's what it takes to land the job. 

25 of the Coolest Hotel Amenities, From Pie Turndown Service to Bookmarks That Turn Into Wildflowers


Here are the hotel amenities that can upgrade your stay from good to great.

Japan's Wisteria Tunnels Are Even More Magical Than Its Cherry Blossoms


Thanks to their ability to bend, wisteria can be turned into large tunnels of blue, pink, purple, and white to make for a kaledescopic stroll.

Here's What It's Like to Work for Southwest, One of Glassdoor's Best Places to Work for 10 Years


To this day, the airline has never had a layoff or cut pay.

The 'Slowest Express Train in the World' Lets You Enjoy Switzerland’s Breathtaking Views


This winding ride takes you along streams, meadows, peaks, and glaciers across the Swiss Alps. 

Welcome to Spruce Creek, Where You Can Park Your Plane in Your Driveway

Spruce Creek

The streets here double as runways.

What It's Like to Fly in an Air Force Fighter Jet


An inside look at what it's like to fly the military's most advanced fighter jets.

Where to Find the Darkest Skies in the U.S. for Serious Stargazing

Best stargazing locations in America

The stars are waiting.

Swim Between Two Tectonic Plates


In some cases, the space is so narrow, you can  touch North America and Europe at once.

19 Spectacular Photos of Tourist Attractions Around the World That Were Taken Illegally


For years, these two photographers have risked frightening heights and  legal implications to scale some of the world's highest and most  well-known buildings.

This Family-owned Italian Restaurant in NYC Has Been a Celebrity Hideaway for More Than 70 years


While New York City sees a constant shift in its restaurant scene, one  family-owned restaurant is still going strong after 70 years.

America's Most Beautiful Lake Has a Sunken Forest Beneath Its Crystal-clear Waters


Tucked-away in Oregon’s Willamette National Forest is a lake with waters as clear as a swimming pool and fascinating wonders hiding underneath.

Australia's 'Most Unusual Natural Wonder' Is a Horizontal Waterfall You Can Ride Through


Sir David Attenborough describes this extraordinary natural wonder as "Australia's most unusual natural wonder."

Here's What it Actually Looks Like to Take Off and Land on the World's Shortest Commercial Runway


Landing a plane is no easy feat, let alone trying to do it on the world’s shortest runway.

There's an Entire Miniature World That Fills This New York City Block


The 50,000-square-foot wonderland was created by model-makers from around the globe. 

This Chemist Turned Her Travel Skin Woes Into a New Beauty Brand for Frequent Fliers


Meet Cotarde, the skincare line dedicated to and tested by pilots, cabin crew, and jet-setters.

There's a Sushi Speakeasy and a Sake Vending Machine Inside This Hotel Room


Step inside the world’s first restaurant to open inside of a hotel room.

See Edgar Allan Poe's America This Poe-tober


The macabre poet is best remembered in October.

This Is the Only U.S. City to Offer Nonstop Flights to 6 Continents Around the Globe


And one of only five cities in the world.

35 Hidden Bars Around the World — and How to Find Them


You have to know what you're looking for to enjoy these secret bars in cities around the world.

This Swedish Hotel Is Home to the World’s Largest Whisky Collection


Guests will find over 1,000 kinds of whisky to choose from.

What Airplane Food Looked Like Through the Decades


Get to know the fascinating history of airline food.

Iceland: A Literary Muse


From inspiring J.R.R. Tolkien and Jules Verne to having more writers in its  population than any other country in the world, Iceland is one of literature’s strongest influences.

Belfast's Bold, Booming Art Scene


Better known for its artistry in shipbuilding, Northern Ireland’s  capital is shifting its creative focus into the arena of modern art.

The Incredible U.S. National Park You've Never Heard Of


South Carolina’s only national park is the hidden gem nature lovers need to see.

This Christmas Amusement Park From the 1950s Is Reopening


A winter wonderland comes back to life.

Why This 31-hour Train Journey Is One of the Best Ways to Discover South Africa


This journey has been delighting passengers for more than seven decades.

Natural Phenomenon Creates Awesome Waterslide at Great Sand Dunes National Park


Each year, a rare natural phenomenon transforms Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve's Medano Creek into a water lover’s paradise.

Plan a Trip to Scotland's Most Remote Pub for a Drink With Unparalleled Views


Getting there isn’t easy: It requires either hiking  for 18 miles or taking a seven-mile ferry ride. But once visitors  arrive, they’ll be treated to a charming setting.   

This Hidden Beach Tucked Behind a Fjord Is Italy’s Best-kept Secret


At this hidden beach, you'll find spectacular scenery and a bridge that awards you with magnificent ocean views. 

Why You Shouldn't Freak Out If You See Your Pilot Sleeping on a Flight (Video)


While travelers may not always see a pilot taking a rest during a flight, the practice is not a cause for concern in certain cases. 

Renowned Photographer Jimmy Chin Shares His Tips For Adventure Photography


His first piece of advice? Don’t try to shoot everything.

A Look Inside the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile


Here's what it’s like to drive a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels. 

You Can Paddle Through Florida's Bioluminescent Waters in a See-through Kayak


Florida's Space Coast is one of few places that offers the opportunity to experience bioluminescence, when waters come alive in bright glowing hues. 

This Gorgeous Lake in Italy Is Even More Amazing Than Lake Como


Italy is home to another magnificent lake where you can enjoy beautiful scenery with far less crowds. 

You Can Live for Free in This Historic Paris Bookshop


Book lovers are invited to spend their days surrounded by literature.

What Life Was Like for Crew Members of the Year-long Mars Simulation


NASA’s longest Earth-based Mars simulation comes to completion. 

Here's How Many Planes Are in the Air at Any Moment


Closest guess without going over wins.

Meet the 85-year-old Woman Taking a Trip to Space


“When you’re 85, the sky is the limit.”

Locals Recommend the Best Books to Read in 12 Cities Around the World


Experts share the books that will give you insight into the city you're visiting.                   

23 Incredible Travel Destinations You Probably Didn't Know Existed


From a hidden beach to one of the only places in the world where you can  swim between two continents, here's your off-the-beaten-path bucket  list.

The Ultimate Trip for History Lovers: Professor Finds 'Shortest' Route to 50,000 Historic U.S. Site


The route passes through archeological  sights, historic homes, parks, and more, providing history fans with quite the itinerary.

These Elevators Can Move Up, Down — and Side to Side


Elevators have gone up and down for more than 160 years, but one company is looking to change that. 

The 25 Best Caribbean Islands, Ranked


We've ranked the best islands in the Caribbean, based on the costs of  hotel bookings, their accessibility, and the range of activities they  offer.

America's Oldest Seaside Resort Celebrates 200th Anniversary


Get to know the fascinating historic behind this waterside property. 

Some of Japan's Most Stunning Sights Are Still Unknown to Tourists


Don't miss out on these must-see sights the next time you're in Japan.

Why the TSA Asks Passengers to Remove Books From Carry-ons


Wondering why the TSA has an interest in what you're reading?

A Postman Collected Pebbles Every Day for 33 Years and What He Created Is Astounding


Take a close look at the walls where you can see Cheval's poetry, which he etched himself. Perhaps one of the most touching inscriptions is the one that reads, "The dream of one man."

How an Entrepreneur Went From Flipping Burgers at McDonald's to Opening World-famous Beach Clubs


Today, Nikki Beach is famous for its luxurious ambience, lavish beach parties, and celebrity  clientele. But before the beach club's founder Jack Penrod became a  successful entrepreneur, he was flipping burgers as a McDonald's line  cook.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Turning Off the Air Vent Above You on Your Next Flight


Think turning on your air vent during a flight might get you sick? Think again.

Tips and Tricks on Visiting 26 National Parks, Straight From Park Employee


From the best time of the year to visit to the best hidden spots, straight from those who know it best.

The Best Cheap Eats in Every State


Your guide to America's best budget bites, from coast to coast.

This Couple Went to Every National Park in America and Says These Are the Best


At these parks, you'll get scenery and experiences you won't find anywhere else.

This London Hotel Only Has One Room — and a Whisky Vending Machine


A private elevator will deliver drinks and food straight to your suite.

This is the World's Best Food Destination


A combination of artisan goods and a landscape of sweet grasslands and clear waters make this stop a haven for foodies. 

Your iPhone Has a Secret Texting Feature You Might Not Know About (Video)


And it's a huge time-saver.

This Vacation Rental Company Makes Staying at Rental Homes Feel Like You’re at a Five-star Hotel


Get all of the insider knowledge and comfort of a hotel stay all while staying in a home. 

This Video of a Baby Bear Went Viral, But Experts Say It’s Exactly How Not to Film Wildlife


While drones can be used towards remarkable feats in wildlife observation and conservation, they can also become a danger when used incorrectly. 

This Footage of a Russian Jet Intercepting an American Spy Plane Is Wild


A U.S. Navy spy plane and a Russian fighter jet had a recent close call, avoiding what could have been a near collision.

The Can't-miss Sights in 20 National Parks Across the U.S.


First-time visitors will be in awe when visiting these incredible spots across America's national parks.

25 Books That Will Blow Your Mind


These books' exploration of politics, history, and the human condition are so insightful, they've withstood the test of time.

These Transparent Kayaks Give You Incredible Views of the Ocean While You Paddle


Hit the water in your own see-through ocean glider.

19 of the World's Coolest Playgrounds Designed by Top Architects


Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt once said that play is a  fundamental need — so much so that playgrounds should be provided for  every child, just as schools are.

The Company That Made Buses Cool Again in Europe Is Launching in the U.S. With $0.99 One-way Trips


Buses come with Wi-Fi, entertainment, and plenty of legroom.

You Probably Believe This Common Myth About Flying


Don't feel bad — 44 percent of travelers do.

The 35 Most Expensive Tasting Menus on the Planet, Ranked


These carefully crafted and elaborate meals can sometimes cost as much as $1,000 a head.

21 Beautiful Old Buildings That No Longer Exist


The world's skylines are constantly changing.

Inside the Process That Goes Into Collecting One of the World's Most Expensive Food Products


Edible bird's nests, often called the "Caviar of the East," are one of the most expensive food products in the world.

14 Incredibly Preserved Historic Villages and Towns Around the World


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

This Is America's Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner


The meal comes with a $76,000 price tag. 

Don’t Miss Thousands of Fireflies Lighting Up the Great Smoky Mountains


The fireflies flash a series of five to eight yellow lights, sometimes  in unison as they create waves, and other times randomly in short  bursts.

Here's What the Stars Above NYC Would Look Like If We Could See Them


A new video sheds light on just that sight by reimagining the city without any light, showing what it could look like for stargazers if light pollution wasn’t in the picture.

25 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money


You’ll navigate airports masterfully, save money on trip changes and cancelations, uncover real-time hotel discounts, and find yourself with more time (and money) when you finally arrive.

Here Are 11 of the Coolest Things You Can Get for Free at an Airport


Whether you’re facing a long layover, flight delay or just arrive at the airport early, there are plenty of free unexpected amenities you can grab before your next flight.

Southwest Airlines' CEO Flies Economy Just Like Everyone Else


Southwest Airlines' CEO Gary Kelly may have annual earnings that go into the millions, but that doesn’t stop him from flying just like everyone else.

How to Save on Hotel Fees


Don’t ever overpay again.

Dine Game of Thrones-Style at This Antarctica Resort


The world’s most remote hotel gets a luxe makeover.

How to Stay in a U.S. National Park for Free


The National Park Service has programs that'll let you live among nature for free.

This App Could Help You Stay Healthier on the Road


A recently released app wants to help by monitoring your vital signs

The Only Way to See This Incredible Museum in Mexico is by Scuba Diving


The Museo Subacuatico de Arte is the world's largest underwater museum.

20 striking photos of international borders from around the world


History, politics, and demographics have helped to shape the international borders that separate countries around the world.

19 Charming Small Villages You've Probably Never Heard of but Should Definitely Visit


Sometimes it's worth going far off the beaten track.

29 of the Tastiest Treats to Try at Europe’s Christmas Markets


From flaming drinks to stuffed dumplings and donuts, these treats make Europe's Christmas markets a paradise for foodies.

17 Unreal Bars for a Drink You’ll Never Forget


There are many great bars in the world, but only a handful offer an unforgettable experience.

Why You Don’t Ever Want to See These Four Letters on Your Boarding Pass (Video)


Here's what that hidden code on your boarding pass really means.

What it Takes to Travel the World Full Time, According to Two Nomadic Photographers


These tricks of the trade can help make your dream possible.

10 Things You Should Ask for on Your Next Flight


There are plenty of free goodies you can snag on a flight — if you know to ask for them.

Here's Everything You Need to Travel the World


We’ve put together a guide on how to travel the world, including  everything from how to start looking into your trip to how to save money  once you’re abroad.

Gray Malin’s Dreamy Bermuda Photo Series Will Cure Your Winter Blues


When Gray Malin visited Bermuda,  he dreamed of coming back to shoot its spectacular scenery. Fourteen years later, he returns to find its old-world charm and natural scenery as wonderful as he left it.